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Video Marketing for all business

Did you know an astonishing 95%+ of businesses don't use videos marketing strategies to promote their businesses?

This affordable medium has a very high R.O.I. and Response Rate!

According to 55% of all internet traffic will be generated by videos, in 2016!

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It doesn't matter whether your budget is huge or small we have something to fit it

 With over 1 billion unique users every month from around the world, YouTube is the second largest search in the world and is also owned by Google. 

Over 4 billion hours of Video are watched each month on YouTube!  

To break it down even further and to emphasise just how popular YouTube is let us explain it another way; every day 500 years of YouTube Videos are watched on social media sites and over 700 YouTube Videos are shared on Twitter every minute.

To show you what this means for businesses consider the case study of Red Bull. It holds the record for the most watched branded YouTube channel of all time. Its videos have received a total of almost 550 million views and the channel has attracted a total of over 1.5 million subscribers.  

There is no getting away from it, Video marketing is becoming more important as your next marketing tool

How can your small business benefit?

What your business stands to gain by using online Video Marketing  is your customers are spending their time watching online videos: According to TechCrunch by the end of 2013, 90% of all web traffic will be Video. And global consumer and media insights company Neilsen released figures that in the US alone, over 13 million Americans watched about 3 hours of Video on their mobile phones each month. That information combined with the figures at the start of this article should be a huge motivation for you to at least consider using online marketing for your business.

Your competition is already using and benefiting from online marketing videos: More and more companies are realising what a fantastic marketing opportunity this is and are using Videos as part of their marketing strategies.

81% of all senior marketing executives are using online marketing videos, up 11% from just a couple of years ago  

If your customer was looking for a particular product or service to purchase where is the first place that they go? In most cases it will be Google the #1 search engine in the USA, or any of the other search engines. You already know that if your site cannot be found in the search engines you might miss out on the sale and it could go to your competitor. As YouTube is the second biggest search engine, if your company does not have a presence on there, you will miss out and your smart competitor will gain from your abscnce.