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Reputation Marketing & Management is BIG and it is going to get even bigger in the near future

But do you know why? it's 2016 and things like searching the Yellow Page books are truly a thing of the past.

Reviews and feedback for companies are now left online, and they are visible for anyone to see or post. They automatically come up when potential clients/consumers search for a business or service online.

Glowing reviews can increase the company's chances of getting paying clients in the door. Does it make sense that horrible reviews will more than likely keep those same people from stepping a foot inside that business? You bet it does!

Why Customer Reviews and Testimonials Boost Website Effectiveness

If you’re looking to really boost the effectiveness of your website, testimonials and reviews can go a long way to help. More and more businesses are starting to realize just how much of an impact customer opinion can have on sales and popularity. Below you’ll discover why reviews and testimonials really matter.

The popularity of online reviews is GROWING

Reviews are by far one of the best marketing tools a business can use. Studies have shown that a staggering nine out of ten people read reviews before they decide whether or not to buy a product or service. In fact, it has almost become second nature to look up a business online and find out what others are saying. With these statistics in mind, you can easily see just how much influence and effect a customer review could have on your website.

Trusted opinions matter Consumers trust online reviews and testimonials just as much as they trust word of mouth. So if other customers are raving about your business, it’s going to really increase your sales. The reviews and testimonials basically eliminate any doubt potential customers have about using your services. They can also help your customers choose which product or service is right for them.Our Human Verified Reviews give even more importance and credibility to an online review.

The importance of adding neutral reviews

Of course, you’re going to be tempted to only show positive reviews and testimonials. While this is certainly logical, it could actually prove to be a lot less effective. This is because in reality, all products and services have a down side. In order for potential customers to trust your business, they need to see that the reviews and testimonials published aren’t completely biased. What you can do is add a comment or reply to any reviews and testimonials that highlight a problem and address how you will rectify it. That way, when a potential customer reads it, they will see you actually listen to your customers and take steps to resolve any problems that may occur. Overall, customer reviews and testimonials help to build up credibility, spread the word about your business, and give useful information to potential customers. As a result, you can expect an increase in trust, as well as sales, which is naturally the next order of business. So if you aren’t currently making use of your website to share customer opinions, now is definitely the right time to start.

We help you take CONTROL of your online reputation through our proactive systems

 Our SYSTEM Protects, Manages, Markets & Enhance the Identity and Reputation of Your Business 24/7

We Market your reputation!

Don't try to just manage your online reputation or you could loose it!

We perform specialized online reputation marketing and management using only ethical methods.

We give you increased control over your online image through proven expertise and vigilance.

 Our agency works to promote a positive online reputation which can increase sales and drive business to you instead of away from you.

 We let you take control of the online review world that can do so much damage to a business if left to itself.

 Our ability to provide both surveys and feedback gives you an insight from your customers your competitors will envy.

 Our Reputation Marketing SYSTEM allows you to get a "heads up" when something is said about you even on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Youtube, Blogs, Forums, Google+ we're watching for you 24/7! Remember, being forewarned is being forearmed and that's what we want our customers to be. Today you simply don't know until it is too late and the damage is already done if left to fester.

 Our Reputation Marketing SYSTEM is guaranteed to improve your bottom line PERIOD!  . . . . you won't find that with someone just "managing" your reputation, we Market it and VERIFY it all the while improving your bottom line!

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In 2016 customers trust online reviews to guide their buying decisions more than ever

 Seriously think about these stats and how they WILL affect your business . . . . soon if not already doing so!

  • 92% of consumers now read online reviews (vs. 88% in 2014)
  • 40% of consumers form an opinion by reading just 1-3 reviews (vs. 29% in 2014)
  • Star rating is #1 factor used by consumers to judge a business
  • 44% say a review must be written within 1 month to be relevant
  • Only 13% of consumers consider using a business that has a 1 or 2 star rating
  • 68% say positive reviews make them trust a local business more (vs. 72% in 2014)
  • Consumers are becoming more concerned about fake reviews BrightLocal 2015 Local Consumer Review Survey

Hence our EXCLUSIVE Human Verified Reviews service add instant credibility to your business

THIS is the future of online reviews just look where Google is headed or look at those stats above again.

TARGETED TECHNIQUES offers much more than a fast suppression of negative search listings. Our compelling, quality content will be created and placed with your branding in mind. We Market your Reputation as well as manage it! Having the only Human Verified Reviews, Reputation Marketing and Reputation Management system allows you to be heads and shoulders amongst your competitors.


Our sophisticated, revolutionary and proprietary techniques maximize accuracy and speed for each Reputation Marketing campaign, maximizing the impact in order to create results that last. Our professional Reputation Marketing Videos and Human Verified Reviews give credibility to your marketing and your business image.


Our solution works – and they're built to last. We combine deep monitoring with rapid response to defend you from any new threats that arise after the campaign has begun.Our placement of your 5 Star Reputation is placed among many high PR sites to help your business rank in the search engines.

Your business can become THE Market Leader in your area when you use our unique and propriatary services. 

Call our office for immediate help at (843) 619-3716 or just fill in the form below

Call our office for immediate help at (843) 619-3716 or just fill in the form below

There’s an old story about a traveler who came across three bricklayers on a scaffold. The traveler asked the first one, “What are you doing?”

The first responded, “I’m earning a wage.”

The traveler then asked the second one, “What are you doing?”

The second responded, “I’m building a wall.”

They are doing the same work, but which of the two is laying the better brick?

The traveler then asked the third one, “What are you doing?”

The third responded, “I am building a cathedral.”

The moral of the story is not everyone working for you has the same interest as your vision UNLESS you know who does and who doesn't. Our Reputation Marketing Training and customer review/feedback SYSTEM detects and warns you of "bad apples" in your employee ranks, THAT detection detail can be priceless to your business.

here is just some of what is included with our SYSTEM (re: no surprises for you)'s system can capture reviews/feedback in many different ways

While they are in your business you can hand them a tablet or let them scan a QR code. You can even hand them a card and a ballpoint pen. When they leave your facility they can receive an email with a link from you or go to a website link themselves.

It is hard to create a system that pleases people equally. With you have great latitude to meet everyone’s needs. Some people are totally comfortable with technology, others, not so much. They all have opinions about your business. does not limit you or your customer.


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When the's system encounters a customer who is less-than-happy, it captures the comments and immediately sends an email to the manager on duty. If the customer is still on premises, an effort can be made to resolve the issue. If the customer has left, a quick contact may save the day – before a negative review gets posted online.

Customers want to be heard and respected. Not everything goes perfectly every time. Today when a negative experience is described on line it is very expensive, both in lost customers and lost potential customers who read a review and don’t give you a try.'s system lets you engage a customer before he or she starts writing online. They often become your best customers in the future.

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Our system can post positive reviews about your business instantly across different social media sites.

  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Flickr
  • Photobucket
  • FourSquare
  • Pinterest




The design of our system is structured so that positive reviews are encouraged and negative reviews are forwarded to you and addressed immediately. Frankly, it is what you would do anyway – if you knew you had a problem. The system automates the process. Further, once positive reviews are captured, the system immediately gets them onto your website and initiates the process of getting them published on review sites online.

While our proprietary system helps you find less-than-happy customers, some will slip through. And, they may want to express themselves online. That cannot be prevented. The system, however, keeps a continuous flow of positive reviews coming so that negative reviews get pushed lower on the list. Whatever is not on the first page, is rarely seen at all.

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Claim your listings correctly's Reputation Marketing system includes our powerhouse "Business Presence Enforcer" to ensure your listings across the web are correct and consistent.

Another part of our program includes our staffs of trained experts that optimizes your Google+ and My Business listing (if already claimed) with the exactly right information and proceeds to match 300+ other sites that the major directories and search engines use, down to the same abbreviations. This is as you can imagine is time consuming and arduous, but critically important to your online visibility.  Another problem solved for you within our system.

So many businesses haphazardly claim their review sites listing and do themselves extreme damage in the process. When sites have different information they do not have the same power and much opportunity is lost. By making sure every listing is consistent, Google and other search engines and directories will “see” the correct and consistent listings and dramatically improve your ranking online. We will do it right and save you time and money.

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Our marketing materials make it easy to capture reviews and even include QR codes specific to your business with front and back instructions.  Examples;

  • Business Review Cards.
  • Table Tents.
  • Flyers.
  • Postcards.
  • Stickers.
  • Window Clings.
  • Counter Cards.
  • Rack Cards.
  • Bookmarks.
  • Emails.

QR Code


Our custom made App (tablet application made just for you) makes it simple to collect and distribute your positive reviews online. Customers can easily leave a review while at your business or after they pay for your product or service right on your tablet!



Buying a tool is fine but, getting it to work in your place of business is another matter. We make it all work for you so you can take care of your business. makes sure you get value for your money with our reputation marketing and management service. From graphics that communicate with your customer to keeping an eye on the keywords your local competitors are using, training for you to understand the big picture, to your-company-branded training for your employees so they understand the importance of the new way of marketing. No cost upgrades and support, is your partner in this process.
It is all new and, sometimes, confusing. The last thing you need is something that complicates your life. Sure, you will learn new things. And, you will be involved in adopting a whole new way of marketing. Compared to the time you have spent on advertising and promotions in the past, this is going to seem like a dream come true. Nothing you have done before will move you further with less cost, tools and guidance you receive from the system.

Call our office for immediate help at (843) 619-3716 or just fill in the form below

this what your feedback/review page can look like with our Reputation Marketing SYSTEM

Call our office for immediate help at (843) 619-3716 or just fill in the form below