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As co-owner would like to thank you on behalf of all us here at for visiting us here today

We are located in the Charleston metro area in South Carolina.

Our history demonstrates how hard work, high standards of excellence and ethics have made this company and our clients into a small business' success stories.

Our Motto is simple: “The only way any transaction can take place is when both parties are making a profit”

I would like on behalf of all to let you know what type of people you are going to be dealing with if you choose to do business with us here. 1st and foremost, we truly LOVE America and believe in the greatness of it and the people of America. We are not politically correct, nor do we try to be. It is our hope that you will get some insight on what kind of company/people we are and our core beliefs.

Having served our great country through service in the Marine Corp and lived in several other countries during my time of service, I have a profound belief in the greatness of this country and it's people when they are united in our unique brand of freedom and the TRUE American Free Enterprise.

How important is the value that small business brings to the table?allow me to quote my generations greatest president and his beliefs to not only us Americans but to the world.

President Ronald Reagan, said the following to those like us that did build THAT

"Today we're in the 55th month of uninterrupted growth. That's just 4 months shy of the longest peacetime expansion in American history. Now, in this expansion we've created more than 13 million new jobs -- that's more new jobs than Europe and Japan combined. Today if you drive down a street in the typical American neighborhood, you'll find more people at work than ever before in our history. We brought interest rates to the lowest level in a decade, inflation to the lowest in a quarter of a century. Real family income has risen strongly and steadily. Now I say we, and I mean just that. You have been our partners every step of the way, and I don't mean just by supporting us in our battles with the big spenders, those tax-and-spend trolls under the Capitol dome. Our policies were designed to give you a chance to do what you do best. They were intended to release the American dream from its cell so that enterprising visionaries like you could tune up the accelerator, fill up the tank, and step on the gas of the greatest machine for beating poverty and building prosperity the world has ever known: the American free enterprise system. And sure enough, you came through. According to the foremost authority on job creation in America, between 1981 and 1985, businesses that were less than 5 years old and businesses that had fewer than 20 employees created more jobs than America as a whole. Without you and entrepreneurs like you, America would have lost millions of jobs in the last 6 years, instead of the large gains we in fact enjoyed."

I as co-owner will make no apologies for the contempt I feel towards those that feel tearing America(ns) down and apart is a good thing, if you do PLEASE leave NOW! We do not and will not knowingly help a business attain the American dream while they try to stop others from achieving it. People here truly believe in Americas greatness and the unbelievable economic engine our small business' bring to it's citizens, the world and proudly support those in their quest of achieving it.

At, we work with leading organizations across the private and social sections of our communities. Our scale, scope, and leading edge knowledge allow us to address problems that literally no other marketing can. We have deep functional and expertise that matters to our clients/customers as well as breadth of geographical reach. We are very passionate about taking on the challenges that matter to our clients and bringing them results with the metrics showing the R.O.I. targeted. We are truly transparent in our dealings to ensure everyone understands the marketing services we have performed, with the data to back it up. We combine industry expertise with our innovative technology and creative skills to deliver critical results to our decision maker clients/customers.

All of us here at strictly adhere to the following 7 points with passion

Build Trust

Advertise Honestly

Tell the Truth

Be Transparent

Honor Promises

Be Responsive

Safeguard Privacy 

 Embody Integrity

We hope that gives you an idea of who we are and what we stand for!

Most sincerely, Patrick J. McDermott co-owner

If you would like marketing help or have a question, call our office at (843) 619-3716 or fill in the form below